Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ubuntu is all set to go Mobile: Ubuntu for android

This time ubuntu stunned the mobile world by announcing a future concept of carrying a desktop within your very smart android phone.

A full Ubuntu desktop, on your docked Android phone thats what ubuntu desktop for android. which means ubuntu is ready to launch their solution for android phones, which enables a powerful android phone a desktop when docked. a keyboard and mouse duo can also be associated with this andro ubuntu desktop. why  carry two devices when you can do it all with your dual core android phone.

Canonicals words about the new venture. "we’ve brought Android together with Ubuntu, the world’s favourite free operating system, to give you a full productivity desktop that fits in your pocket. Android for the phone experience, Ubuntu for the desktop, all on one device, running at the same time."

 So forget the office PC. Just dock your corporate phone and enjoy Ubuntu. Anywhere. One address book. One set of bookmarks. One place for your text messages and email. No more typing on a tiny screen when all you want is a keyboard and a mouse. Seamless integration of your desktop and mobile worlds. Brilliant.

Users will want at least one dock, complete with monitor, keyboard and mouse. Many will want two of each - one for the office and one for the home. And mobile users will opt for clamshell devices that give them a laptop experience whenever they need it - on the train, on the plane or in meetings.

Desktop productivity goes well beyond the keyboard, monitor and mouse. Imagine projectors with a phone dock built in, so you can carry less to your presentations. And imagine TVs that become home PCs when you dock your phone: perfect for the emerging market where LTE will be the normal way for new users to connect to the Internet.

get more details here. 

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