Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Upgrade ubuntu 11.04/10.04 to Ubuntu 12.04 easy guide

Hi all, Many of the users follow the custom of installing a fresh copy of ubuntu 12.04 by erasing the previous installation. If you want to keep your files and compatible installations from your previous installation still here in your new installation, you must go for an upgrade instead of a new installation.

99 percentage of upgrades leads to success, but if you have ultimate important information., please back up before starting the process. this guide is for the ones who like to choose the upgrade from USB option.

You have to download an ISO image from ubuntu's  download page. and then go to your previous installation, choose administration->create a startup disk.

This will show a window where you can select the image and the target usb disk.

Then, proceed with the steps and the system will prompt you to enter password for some two three times.

The process of creating a startup disk  may take a few minutes to complete. after the startup disk creation finished, restart your system with boot from usb enabled.

After some time the machine will boot from the startup disk, and will show a live session of ubuntu running in you machine.

Bowse through the menu's and check whether everything is working fine.

There will be an icon Install ubuntu in your live session's desktop you can trigger the installation process by double clicking it.

After few steps it will show the below screen.

ubuntu 11.04 to 12.04 upgrade
Do not forget to select the upgrade option

 Choose the upgrade option as shown in the picture and proceed with the installation. it is preferred to connect to the Internet as well as power source to make the installation smooth. if you are connected to the Internet, Some additional plug-ins and drivers may be downloaded. bu this will make the installation bit time consuming because the Os may download some updates if there is a working net connection.


  1. Which file do I have to download for it? Normal release or alternate release? I am trying to upgrade from 10.04 LTS.

    1. Hi Sandip, you have to download normal release file, the file will be in .iso format. save it into your hard disk. Then, using startup disk creator in you 10.04 installation, you can choose your pendrive and iso file once the startup disk is created, pl restart your system with boot from usb enabled