Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Solved]Ubuntu 11.10 battery indicator missing

If you are using ubuntu 11.xx version , you might be wondered why the battery indicator icon is missing. a number of users reported this missing of battery icon and here is the solution for the problem.
The Above bug, or the absence of battery indicator on the upper panel is a commonly found issue with ubuntu 11.10 installations. cause of this issue is different machine to machine
There are a handful of ways to solve the battery indicator problem. and my solutions are listed below

1.  Purge and re-install indicator-power
    sudo apt-get purge indicator-power

     sudo apt-get install indicator-power

2. Change theme to  'Radiance'.or change away from Radiance,
    to  Make sure this is not an icon issue.

3.  Remove revenants from Unity if any,

  1. (get settings, for curiosity's sake)
    gsettings get com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist
    (should look something like:)
    ['JavaEmbeddedFrame', 'Wine', 'scp=-dbus-service', 'Update-notifier']
    (clear whitelist)
    gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"
  4. Try an alternative battery monitor package

Friday, November 18, 2011

No Sound in Ubuntu 11.10 : SOLVED

PROBLEM: Number of users are reporting that after upgrading to ubuntu 11.10 . there is no sound at all.

Solution 1: Many of them solved it by simply updating the OS once. or at most twice. try updating it for solving the issue.

Problem still persists?. here is another solution, which is related to pulse audio.

Solution 2Deleting the /home/username/.pulse directory fixed the problem for another ones

Solution3: If you still can't hear anything from your machine try the following command,

rm -rvf ~/.pulse/

hope your sound issue is fixed

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 problem: Waiting for network configuration : Solved

Hi all! Here is another critical problem solved.

Problem: Many of the newly installed ubuntu machines reporting the following issue. A message " Waiting for network conffiguration"  followed by “Waiting up to 60 seconds more for network”? This then might be accompanied by a black blank screen.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 at the blank screen to get you to a non-X terminal (tty1)

  • enter your username and password when prompted
  • Change to root with: sudo -i and enter your password when asked.
  • then type each of the lines followed by enter.
  • mkdir -p /run /run/lock
  • rm -rf /var/run /var/lock
  • ln -s /run /var
  • ln -s /run/lock /var
  • reboot your system and you should get your Ubuntu 11.10 back in action
refer these links to see the original fixes

thank you

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UBUNTU 11.10 .deb file installation issues

Problem: Many of new users of ubuntu 11.10 is facing errors while installing downloaded .deb files. i don't know what is the exact issue with ubuntu 11.10, but generally it is behaving rough to .deb files i hope the problem will get fixed soon because already there are so many error reports raised in the ubuntu community. meanwhile we can install software's through ubuntu software center or via synaptic.

thank you

Ubuntu 11.10 wireless problem: Solved

Ubuntu 11.10 is awesome but the following issue is found in many installations

ProblemWhen I try to connect to the internet using wi-fi a pop-up message asks the password as usual and after I type it correctly it shows a notification box telling me that I'm disconnected. If I connect the cable directly it works perfectly

Solution: This issue is hardware dependent .most of the machines are coming with wireless device which will require installation of additional drivers, once you update the ubuntu 11.10 OS , it will start prompting you to install additional drivers for wireless device. click OK, and authenticate the request the OS will automatically find the appropriate driver. after a restart the issue will be fixed.

In many cases the problem gets fixed in the above described way, If the problem still persists
follow this link for similar solutions.