Monday, January 2, 2012

Ubuntu server, a cost effective solution

Ubuntu server is the ideal solution for you if you are looking forward into deploy you business with latest technology but in a cost effective way. whether you want to deploy a webfarm or a cloud ubuntu has its solutions for you.

Ubuntu releases every six months, but its release cycle is stable as you can depend on it, it is recommended to choose LTS (long term support editions). which will be the most stable releases and will get free updates to a long term as up-to 3 years. and you can upgrade to next LTS version, all for free.

Ubuntu server supports almost all the hardware and software. and definitely this makes an optimal businessman to go for ubuntu server.

Choosing Ubuntu Server helps you bring the best that open source can offer to your business - a strategy that's driving the world's most successful organisations.
  • No licence fees
  • Free upgrades
  • The latest and greatest applications
Also, ubuntu offers techincal support from canonical, its makers and the largest ubuntu service provider with  a cost as low as $320 per server per year.

to read more about ubuntu server follow this link. Ubuntu opnsource server

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