Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Installing Newest version of firefox: the easiest way to run firefox from .tar.bz2 archive

Problem: I have downloaded firefox from mozilla but the file downloaded was of type firefox.tar.bz2 . the eaziest way to run firefox is given below.

Solution: This solution is for absolute beginners, all you have to to is

1. right click on the .tar.bz2 file and choose extract here, this will create a folder named "firefox".
2. Now open Terminal
3.cd to the extracted folder
 -by default the folder will be in the downloads Directory

type cd /home/<username>/Downloads/firefox/ and press enter(Return). give your username in the place of <username>.

4. type ./firefox and press enter thats all.

Now, If you want to creat a shortcut of the new firefox on top pannel,

1. Right click on the pannel, choose Add to pannel.
2. Choose Custom application launcher from the menu.
3.fill the details As shown in the image.

In the command field insert the following command.


thats all your firefox is now just a click away. thank you.

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