Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 wireless problem: Solved

Ubuntu 11.10 is awesome but the following issue is found in many installations

ProblemWhen I try to connect to the internet using wi-fi a pop-up message asks the password as usual and after I type it correctly it shows a notification box telling me that I'm disconnected. If I connect the cable directly it works perfectly

Solution: This issue is hardware dependent .most of the machines are coming with wireless device which will require installation of additional drivers, once you update the ubuntu 11.10 OS , it will start prompting you to install additional drivers for wireless device. click OK, and authenticate the request the OS will automatically find the appropriate driver. after a restart the issue will be fixed.

In many cases the problem gets fixed in the above described way, If the problem still persists
follow this link for similar solutions. 

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